What Would Ursula Franklin Say? Collection

What Would Ursula Franklin Say?

The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology Research Working Group: Reprising the Real World of Technology

Kanishka Sikri, Katie Mackinnon & Leslie Regan Shade, Editors


Table of Contents


Katie MacKinnon, Leslie Regan Shade & Kanishka Sikri. Introduction: What Would Ursula Franklin Say?

Letter to Ursula Franklin 1

1. Marita Moll.  Digital Indigestion, Pandemic Nightmares and Earthworms: Review of the Real World 2021.

Sound and Silence

2. Hannah Brown. Ursula Franklin, Daphne Oram, and the Practices of Music Technology.

3. Marcia Jenneth Epstein. Listening to Ursula Franklin: Quiet as a Path to Peace.

4. Marcin Kedzior & Will Fu. Bodies in Digital Systems.

5. John Shiga. Audible Oceans.

Biosphere versus Bitsphere

6. Jody Porter. The Awfulization of News: When the Real World of Technology Meets the Real World of Journalism.

7. Kate Maddalena. Teaching Holistic Eco-Media: The Quadrat as Interface Between the Biosphere and the Bitsphere.

8. Peter Pennefather. Personal Cyber-Data Literacy Plurality in Routinized-Prescriptive and Relational-Holistic Cyber-Regimes.

Prescriptive and Holistic Technologies

9. Mark Surman. The Real World of AI.

10. Yasmin McDowell. Algorithmic Prescription: A Franklin-inspired Critique of Algorithmic Management.

11. Jack Jamieson. Depending on Other in the IndieWeb:  Navigating Holistic and Prescriptive Building in a Decentralized Social Network.

12. Brian Sutherland.  Ursula Franklin and the Energy Transition.

13. Mark Joseph O’Connell. Technology as Social Instruction: Ursula Franklin and the Dematerialized Fashion Marketplace.

Realities: Constructed, Extended, Vernacular and Projected

14. Alan Galey, Ellen Forget & Charu Sharma. Reading Fictional Worlds of Technology with Ursula Franklin: Fail Safe and Constructed Realities.

15. Olivia Doggett. Farm(hand)-to-Table.

Social Justice

16. Jim Gerrie. Ursula Franklin and the Principled “No:” The Need for a Recognition of a Right to Conscientious Technological Objection.

17. Steven Logan. Taking Shelter: Teaching and Learning in the House that Technology Built.

Letter to Ursula Franklin 2

18. Kanishka Sikri. Holistic Technology as Holistic Citation.